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What Size Should My Betta Fish Bowl Be

What Size Should My Betta Fish Bowl Be

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And truer words were never spoken when you're betta fish health issues. Because it is so much easier to help keep your finny friends healthy and happy than it might be to cure them of what ails them. Assuming of course you may also figure out what ails them to begin with.


Oh though we're regarding the topic of water ditch any notions you might have that sterilized water is preferred. It's not. Zero minerals do not only healthy betta make. So stick with conditioned or aged regular city water. Your fish seem "betta off" pardon the play on words when you do.


For centuries in Asia the little fish were breed in internment limited to their fierceness and combating aptitude. The fish were paired off by their possessor to fight, often to the death, along with large extent like a cock war.


Your betta fish life span is reliant upon a regarding things like diet, tank life, water temperature and many people factors. Your aquarium must be thickly planted with silk or live plants does not stop has to be able to well-lit. Your tanks must be warm almost all times - with a temperature of 23 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius.


2) Put on pounds . some disagreement about this issue, but we have discovered through extensive research and experience that many bettas merely need to eat and drink once on a daily. This most closely approximates a betta's feeding experience in the wild. If you desire to feed twice per day, remember you are running possibility of of overfeeding plus you will likely upwards having to cleanse the aquarium more frequently to counteract the additional waste buildup.


5) Avoid using antibiotics for the water. Even though do eliminating the bad bacteria, they also kill good bacteria, may again end up in betta getting poisoned.


There are tanks and betta bowls that come in all sizes, one gallon tanks, two gallon tanks, ten gallon, twenty gallon and all night. Some are round, some are wine glass shaped, some are square and whilst others are almost any shape you can imagine. A lot would be determined by the involving fish you getting, your local area placing the tank and when there can other fish in the tank as well as your betta.


Finally betta fish care add your betta towards the tank! Just be certain that you need to put drinking water from the bag into the tank. Pet shop water is notorious for being full of all types of nasty stuff might contaminate your tank. Instead scoop your betta out carefully with a small web. Be careful not to damage its fins and use it in the tank. Allow swim out of the net when you shake in addition fish is suffering from a new home-based!